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Why can't I find my filter on the website?-

We may not stock your filter if it is not one of the more popular filters.
Just because your filter is not on our website, does not mean that we cannot source it, please call us on 01507 608 100.
We may also ask that you send a digital photograph to: enquiries@uk-fridge-filters.co.uk
We try to respond to all emails within 24 hours.

How long does delivery take?-

Our standard deliveries are made via Royal Mail. This means that delivery can take between 2-5 working days. Having said this, delivery usually happens towards the quicker end of this scale.

Why has my order has not arrived yet?-

Please allow 2-5 working days for standard deliveries. If it has been longer, we recommend checking with your local sorting office that the parcel has not been returned there.
If there is no sign, please contact us either by email, enquiries@uk-fridge-filters.co.uk or via phone on 01507 608100.

Is the original cartridge better than the compatible?-

The compatible cartridges are designed to offer the same level of filtration as the original filter cartridges. Some compatibles even perform better than the original!

Why do you not list fridge model numbers?-

Simply because there would be too many. Manufacturers release several new models every year. Any list of model numbers would be endless. It is far easier to find the correct filter from the manufacturer name or code on the actual cartridge. Many fridge/freezers actually use the same filter under a different product code.

I have changed my filter. Why has the replacement light not gone off?-

Ah, the fridge filter replacement light. This light is a timer. It has no way of knowing how much life is left in your fridge filter. If the light stays on after installing a new filter, it does NOT indicate a problem with the filter. Some of the filter replacement lights have to be reset manually. Unfortunately we do not hold instructions for every fridge on how to do this, please check you user manual.
For many fridges, you have to hold the 'child lock' and 'ice' buttons to reset the light, however this is not necessarily the same as your fridge.

How often do I need to change the filter?-

This depends on the quality of mains water in your area and how often the filter will be used. Six months is usually the standard for most, however, you may find your filter lasts slightly longer or exhaust slightly sooner.

Will using a compatible filter invalidate my fridge freezer warranty?-

In the United Kingdom and European Union, the law prohibits manufacturers creating a monopoly on spare parts.
This has been tested in case law for items such as replacement toner printer cartridges.
Unless a fault can be directly attributed to a malfunction in the compatible part, the manufacturer cannot void the warranty on the whole appliance.
With a fridge filter cartridge, the chances of malfunction are small. These are products we have been selling for over 30 years, and, from the millions of cartridges sold, we are yet to hear of any warranty issue with one of our compatible products.

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